Thunder Head by Neal Shusterman

This review contains spoilers. These will be marked if you wish to avoid them. 


In a perfect world where there is no governments or monarchies only the attentive Thunderhead, and where the act of dying has become temporary, and it is an annoyance for some but a thrill-seeking hobby for others, how would one stay dead? By way of gleaning at the hands of a Scythe of course. Though Citra and Rowan have completed their apprenticeship and become Scythes with their own very different reputations, one is feared and the other is consider an upstart or annoyance to some. there is one who judges nether and cares for both deeply, who can only observe and nothing more.

“Humans learn from their mistakes. I cannot. I make no mistakes.”

Thunderhead is the second book in the Arc of a Scythe series. The story follows Citra and Rowan, they have been Scythes for over a year, but they are still trying the adjust to their new lives.

In Scythe the Thunderhead was nothing more than a sentient computer program who governs and guides humanity in the perfect world, but in Thunderhead we get a deeper understanding of it, and in a way that doesn’t imped the story (as it is about Citra and Rowan) but adds incite. Neal Shusterman dose this by in between each chapter there is a diary like entry of the Thunderhead’s thoughts and feelings. These relate to what is happening in the next chapter. I like this and thought it was a clever way to involve an otherwise distant yet important character, because I feel the Thunderhead is its own character.

When I found out there was going to be a second book, I was a little bit irked. This was because I really liked how Scythe ended and where Citra and Rowan were as people. I felt there would be unnecessary character development, but I decided to stay open minded to what might come. I was glad to find that instead of focusing on the two-main character’s development, Neal Shusterman showed us the inner workings of the Thunderhead. I found the Thunderhead had not just the ability to observe and make decisions based on those observations, but also understood why it was making them. The Thunderhead isn’t just some computer program, it can not only think for its self but also feel emotions like joy, sadness, grief, longing, anger, regret and more. Because it’s not a computer, the Thunderhead is like a human in the way of having all of the best thing that make up humanity but none of the worst things.

Although I wasn’t happy at the end of the first book to find out there was going to be a second, I can say that I am now looking forward to the next one. I hope Neal Shusterman shows us more of the Thunderhead’s personality, (and just between you and me the book ends with quite the cliff hanger shh spoilers)

Have you read Thunderhead? Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading and I hope you are looking forward to more from Neal Shusterman just as much as I am.

And that is another one to add to the collection, and I already have someone else telling me I have Too Many Books


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