Review Death Note by Tsugumi Onba and Takeshi Obata

death note
all in one edition

This review contains spoilers. These will be marked if you wish to avoid them.

*please note this is a review on a manga series which I have read as the all in one edition*

Imagine you find one day a strange note book on the ground. You pick it up and written on the cover are the words Death Note. Intrigued you look inside the cover to find a list of rules of how to use the Death Note, the very first rule on the page is ‘the human whose name is written in this note shall die’. do you thinking it must be some sought of joke, write someone’s name down or do you put it down and walk away and never think about it again?


Light Yagami found himself in this situation, he thought it was a sick kind of prank. But instead of putting the note book back where he found it, he put it in his bag and went on his way. It was only when he was at home later that day, he really started to think about the Death Note. “what if it isn’t a prank, what if its real?” he decided to test it out. The person whose name that Light had written down suddenly died. Shocked but still unsure if it just a coincidence, Light tests it again, this time he knows for sure that the Death Note is real, and it does kill people.
But what would you do in this situation, would you keep the book and start writing peoples name in it, or get rid of the cursed thing as quick as you could and try not to think about it ever again? Well not only did Light decide to keep the Death Note, but to change the entire world. He would start by killing criminals, then once the wold was free of crime he would start killing the people who go out of their way to make other’s lives miserable, the world would be a kinder and over all better place, and he would be the God of this new world.
When a week or so later Light is surprised one day with a visit from the Shinigami Ryuk, who tells Light that the Death Note used to be his, but it’s now Lights to do as he please with. No one can see or hear a Shinigami except anyone who has touched that Shinigami’s Death Note. And he will be hang around for a while. I think Ryuk is by far the best character in the entire story. He is just looking for something to do that’s fun and will kill a bit of time, as Shinigami can live forever. There is one part in the story when Light tells Ryuk he can’t eat apples in Light’s room anymore Ryuk loses it. It’s funny, but not as good as the one in the live action movies, his reaction is so hilarious. It’s my favourite part.

(*this next part contains a spoiler, please feel free to skip this part if you wish to be surprised.)

The series is split into two arks. The first is Light’s battle against he’s mysterious arch rival known only as L. L is the head of the police task force trying to stop ‘Kira’ aka Light. The second is Light’s Battle against L Successors Near and Mello. Near has a personality close to L’s, which is patent, wants to solve any puzzle with understanding and deductions (sought of like a certain British Detective) while Mellow is more do wat ever it takes to be better than L.
I did like it but overall, I was disappointed. Not with the story or even the ending (which was the only way it was going to end, you saw it coming) but with Light Yagami’s character. While I like his idea of changing the wold for the better, I feel he went the wrong way about certain problems, there were so many things he could have done differently if only he wasn’t so arrogant and stopped thinking he was so much smarter than everyone else.
I read this after watching the live action movies and this is properly the only book that I liked the movies better than the book itself, Light was less arrogant and less of a real d*ck, in the movies than in the books. If you did want to watch the anima or the live action movies (they split it into two) I recommend the Japanese live action. Don’t bother with the American Netflix version, it is horrible and doesn’t do the story justices (better get L on to the case)
Have you read Death Note? Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading and I hope you are looking forward to more from Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata as much as I am.
And that is another one to add to the collection, and I already have someone else telling me I have Too Many Books





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